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Monday, April 27, 2009

Mon, 27 April 2009

Dear Fam,
Sounds like things are going just great back home, it is good to hear the stories of what is going on. I miss the change of seasons here it just kinda changes without telling anyone it goes from blistering hot to not so blistering hot but that's about all the change i get to see. It's good to hear that Rolo gets mom to play with her again in the backyard i bet she is loving it. I am enjoying the new area it is very awesome and i hope to have some good pictures for you next week.
The new area is pretty much the forest i went from the middle of the city to the forest. I think i am going to enjoy it. My companion is pretty trunky he will be headed home here in 5 weeks. I think it will be a long 5 weeks for me but it should be fun. I have got to learn my area because i will be taking it over here in 5 weeks. I feel lost in a new area and hope to learn it here soon. There are a lot of dirt paths and it is really hard to know what direction is which. But I'm sure it will come with time. I came into this area with 5 Baptisms marked but i don't know if a couple of them will happen. But it should be good. the area really needs cleaned up and i can't wait to get everything organized out there, i think that i will have everything neat here in a couple weeks. It is fun i am starting to feel pretty well with the language and i love to talk to the children. Kurt and Kraig thought it was hard to speak for 2 minutes imagine walking around all day with a native companion that is tuff but i really enjoy it.
We taught a really good lesson this last week and i thought I'd just tell you about it really quick, it was a reference from my old area so me and Elder Lavanhane went and knocked the door and we began to talk to this lady she was really interested and we bore pure testimony and the spirit was so strong i feel really good about this lady and after the lesson Elder Lavanhane said that we will give her a baptism date our next visit, i hope everything goes well she was at church yesterday too. But i think she will be a good investigator.
Things here are moving along great and i know that i am here in my new area and people have been prepared for me to teach, i am grateful for the opportunity i have to serve my mission and can't believe how fast the time goes, it is so awesome to see all the blessings that are family is receiving i guess i really never noticed until i was getting weekly updates from you guys, i love you all so much and love this work that i am engaged in. I hope all of you have a good week and i love you.

Elder Edwards

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